10 Signs You Need a Bigger Home in Oklahoma City

Different stages of life bring you to different stages of housing, and needing a bigger home is one of them. 

So how do you know if you need a bigger home? Here are 10 ways you can find out.

1.You Are Cramped

Do you feel like there are too many “cooks in the kitchen” frequently? Chances are you have outgrown your current home and need more space for you and your family to comfortably live.

2.You Don’t Have Enough Storage Space

 Not having enough space to store extra food, holiday decor, cleaning supplies, or storage bins can be stressful and take up too much space. You might need to upgrade.

3.You Lose Things A Lot

 When things become lost, it’s most often because they do not have a designated spot that everyone knows they belong. They get set down here and there and eventually get lost. Having the right home for you means you have enough space and everything has a place.

4.You Have An Growing Family

Living in a 3 bedroom starter home works until it doesn’t. As your family grows you are going to naturally need more space. This is a normal part of life, and often getting a bigger home can solve a lot of your space issues.

5.You Have Expanding Needs

Maybe a few years ago it was suitable to have one bathroom in your home. Now that you have children, the ratio of people to bathrooms can cause stress. Looking for a home with additional bathrooms or half bathrooms might be a helpful suggestion as you search for something more comfortable.

6.You Are Financially Able

As you grow and develop in life, so do your relationships and bank accounts. You might find yourself with a nice budget each month and room to spare. If you have extra money in the budget that you could put towards a bigger house payment each month, it might be your next best move.

7.You Need Something Less Expensive

Sometimes life hits hard and individuals and families struggle to make ends meet. If you live in a large home and don’t need the space, having a lower house payment would allow you some safe wiggle room each month when the bills come around.

8.You Need More Garage Space

The longer you are alive, the more stuff you accrue. Sometimes the garage ends up being the storage space and you have no room for your vehicles. This may be a time to consider more garage space or another home with an extra garage.

9.You Get a Pet

If you live in a home without a yard( or a small one) and have a pet- moving to a bigger space with a more square footage of grass would benefit you. More room for your fur baby to roam and more room for your green thumb to emerge. Win-win.

10.You Want To Start More Projects

If you have had your eye on an office remodel or adding a large garden in the backyard, a bigger home might offer you the change of space to go for it.

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