5 Pro Tips for Moving Houses

Packing up and moving houses is one of the most overwhelming and stressful jobs there is. Ask anyone, and they’ll confirm.

While the idea of moving into your new home is an exciting thought, the work and effort it takes to move is incredibly daunting. The good news is that, by sticking with the following tips, tricks, and suggestions, your move will go a lot more smoothly than you could have ever imagined! 

Continue reading and give these tried-and-true hacks a go.

What Are Some Pro Tips for Moving Houses?

Here’s how you can make your move a bit less painful:

  1. Declutter and Remove What You Don’t Need First — There’s no sense in spending time packing (and unpacking) things that you plan to get rid of. Do a purge of anything you no longer need, want, or have space for. The best part about this is you’ll start out in your new place with a clean slate.
    BONUS TIP: Take measurements of your new house before you start packing. This way, you’ll know how much space you actually have for all of your belongings.
  2. Using Color Coding — Before you start filling boxes, buy different colored duct tape rolls at your local hardware store — a different color for each room in your house. Next, assign each room in your new home a color, and as you pack up your house, use that color of tape to seal up the box. Then, as you’re unpacking, you’ll know exactly where each box belongs which will make the unpacking process much more organized.
    BONUS TIP: If you don’t have colored tape, use and assign numbers instead.
  3. Start Sooner than Later — One major cause of stress when moving is a lack of time. As soon as you know you’re moving, start packing what you can. Start packing your off-season belongings, like seasonal decor and clothing. If you’re moving during colder months and won’t need any of your summer clothes for the next while, you can start packing your sandals and shorts now.
    BONUS TIP: Let’s be honest, packing isn’t very fun, and finding the drive to get started can be tricky. Set a timer for an hour each day, blast some tunes, and work until the timer beeps.
  4. Put Storage Items Directly into Plastic Bins — Rather than packing your storage items in cardboard boxes, put these belongings right into plastic storage bins. Anything that is going right into storage in your basement, garage, or attic should be in a storage tub that is critter and flood proof.
    BONUS TIP: Make sure to label these items really well and store them so that you can see the list of their contents without having to unpack unnecessarily. 
  5. Protect Your Valuables — This is definitely a no-brainer, but we cannot go without mentioning it. Make sure to use bubble wrap to protect your fragile belongings. Unpacking is a lot more fun when your items are still intact. 
    BONUS TIP: If you can’t get your hands on bubble wrap, use your washcloths and hand towels to protect your valuables.

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