The 5 Most Expensive House Repairs

Being a homeowner comes with countless responsibilities, and it’s no secret that house repairs can get outrageously expensive.

After making your down payment, paying your monthly mortgage, and investing in homeowners’ insurance, you must open your pocketbook whenever repairs come up. Owning a home, especially properties built decades ago, means signing up to take on the projects, even the costly ones.

Owning a house is a pricey investment. Below you’ll find five of the most expensive repairs you may have to make on your home.

The Most Expensive House Repairs

Homeowners must do a lot to maintain their property. Unfortunately, issues can arise that cost a pretty penny to repair. Here are five of the most expensive house repairs:

Water Damage Repairs

COST TO REPAIR: $400 – $20,000+

Water damage is a bummer in and of itself, but when it leads to other damage such as mold, rust, and rot, the situation suddenly gets way worse and way more expensive. In addition to fixing the culprit of the water damage (leaking pipes, leaking windows, leaking roof, etc.), you’ll probably need to make repairs to anything damaged as a result, such as new framing, drywall, paint, floors, and more.

Roof Repairs

COST TO REPAIR OR REPLACE: $200 – $15,000+

Because your roof takes a severe beating year-round, it’s no surprise that it will need some TLC periodically. If you are up for the job and have the skillset, you can probably fix some minor things. But if your roof has multiple more significant leaks or sustains other significant damage, you’ll probably want to call in the pros to repair or replace the whole thing.

Foundation Repairs

COST TO REPAIR: $500 – $12,000+

One of the most, if not the most, important parts of your home is the foundation, and any issues with it can pose a serious safety concern to anyone residing in your house. Signs you may have a foundational issue can include cracks in your ceilings or walls, sloping floors, and increasing space between window frames and door jams. All of these problems should be addressed by an experienced professional as soon as possible. 

Electrical Repairs

COST TO REPAIR OR REWIRE: $400 – $12,000+

You won’t typically run into electrical problems with newer homes; however, you can almost always count on it with older homes. If it’s not a minor repair or two, it could be a complete rewire. You mustn’t ignore electrical problems because they could result in a power loss or even a house fire.

Termite Damage Repairs considerable


You never want to see pests in your home, especially ones that can destroy the structural integrity of your property. Termites can feast on the wood framing of your house, causing significant damage and comprising its strength. On top of treating your property to get rid of the insects, you will have to make any necessary repairs due to the damage they caused.

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