What to Fix Before Selling a Home

If you’re planning on selling a home in today’s hot market, there are some steps you should take before listing. 

One of the most important things you can do is make repairs and fix things around the house to prepare for potential buyers. Read on to find out which repairs matter most.

Gain a New Perspective

The main principle when preparing your house to sell is to see your home through the buyer’s eyes. Living in your house day to day, you become used to the smells, sounds, and appearance of your home. Take a careful tour through your house, noticing every detail as if for the first time. You’re probably used to dirty handprints on the walls from your toddler, or the faintly musty smell of your basement. You know to hold the toilet handle down until it flushes properly, or how to adjust the sensors on the garage door so that it closes. All these little details are the things potential buyers might notice and need to be repaired.

Get it Clean

Cleaning is an inexpensive way to both prevent and fix problems in the home. Before selling, go through your house and give it a deep cleaning. Wash walls, doors, and cabinets to remove handprints, dust, grease, and grime. Clean baseboards and get rid of cobwebs. Wash windows, and clean dingy grout. Don’t forget the exterior of your house! Clean off your porch and patio, and any outdoor furniture. Check your gutters for old leaves and debris.

Add Fresh Paint

Fresh paint is one of the most budget-friendly ways to update and fix a home. Patch up any nail holes, dings, or other drywall issues and give them some touch-up paint. If you have walls that have very bright or very dark colors, consider painting over them with a neutral color. If you’ve washed your walls and cupboard doors, but they still look dingy or have chips, give them a fresh coat of paint. Your front door could probably benefit from a new paint color–an updated shade could boost your home’s value by more than $6,000

Check the Problem Areas

According to the National Association of Realtors, some of the most common problems found in home inspections are roof problems, faulty wiring, and HVAC issues. Knowing what these problem areas are and fixing them will help speed the process of selling a home. Fix any leaky faucets and running toilets. Make sure the HVAC system is running properly and have a technician make repairs if needed. Replace any missing roof shingles, and repair potential leaks in the roof. While some of these repairs may be larger projects and require the help of an expert, there are plenty of things you can DIY. 

Let Sell Your OKC Home Help

The list of things to do before selling a home may seem never-ending. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to sell your Oklahoma City house quickly, we can help! We buy houses in any condition, so you can bypass a time-consuming list of repairs. Sell Your OKC Home is run by real people who care, and we make the process of selling your home simple and easy. Contact us today and we’ll explain our process for making an all-cash offer on your home.

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